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Why People Need Business Coaching?

Business coaching provides professionals and entrepreneurs with clarity, direction, and essential skills to navigate the complex world of business. Through objective feedback, accountability, and mentorship, coaches help individuals overcome challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and make informed decisions. This guidance not only fosters business growth and success but also boosts confidence, ensures a healthy work-life balance, and offers valuable networking opportunities, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking to elevate their business endeavors.

What You Get When You Work With Me?

When you work with me, you receive dedicated service tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. I pride myself on authentic listening, ensuring that I truly understand your goals, challenges, and vision. This genuine engagement allows me to provide solutions and strategies that resonate deeply with your objectives. Furthermore, you'll be stepping into a world of professionalism. With my extensive background and commitment to excellence, every interaction is underpinned by a standard of expertise and integrity. In essence, partnering with me guarantees a journey marked by unwavering dedication, genuine understanding, and the highest level of professionalism.

Why Work With Me?

My comprehensive and diverse background in the business world. Holding an MBA in Entrepreneurship has equipped me with advanced knowledge and skills in business creation and growth, setting me apart from many in the industry. Furthermore, my years of experience in banking, real estate, and insurance have given me a holistic understanding of financial management, property dynamics, and risk assessment. This blend of formal education and hands-on experience ensures that I bring a unique, well-rounded perspective to any business challenge or opportunity, making me an invaluable asset to any individual or organization seeking expert guidance and advice.

Why Are My Prices So Affordable?

My prices are affordable because I believe in providing value-driven services that are accessible to a wide range of clients. I understand the challenges many businesses and individuals face, especially when starting out, and I want to ensure that quality guidance and expertise are not out of reach due to financial constraints. By streamlining my processes, leveraging my diverse experience, and focusing on building long-term relationships, I can offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of service. My goal is to empower as many clients as possible, and offering affordable prices is one way I can make a meaningful impact.

Meet Your Coach, Shushan

Shushan used to be a Banker on humble


All that changed when she discovered how to

help entrepreneurs and business owners from the comfort of her own home!

When you listen to her teach, you will

immediately recognize her passion for

transformation and awakening powerful

desires in humans to live their best life ever.

A bestselling author of the book "Awaken The

Goddess Within," Shushan has touched many


Her experiences taught her that true success

extends beyond material gains. Shushan's
journey was crowned not only by accolades but

by the lives she transformed.

If you're ready to have more impact, more

income, and most of all - more FUN - You're in

the right place!


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